Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our Painting Pick up Road Show

I am leaving tomorrow to join with Cory, my daughter, for our Northern California Road Trip to pick up paintings for the show. Cory is coming up from San Diego and I'm flying out of Burbank. We meet in Sacramento and rent an mid size, SUV to carry the paintings. There should be about ten of them. We leave Sacramento and drive to Folsome where we will meet with Giovanna Stark at her American Visions Art Gallery, and pick up 2 paintings I did of her children, I think in 1997. They are grown up now. I am looking forward to visiting WITH Giovanna. We head back to Sacramento to visit with Sheila Wolfe and pick up Sheila and Chris Drouin's wedding picture. I did it a lot of years ago as a wedding gift. Our plans are to stay in Sacramento on Monday night and then head down to Walnut Creek, Concord,Alamo and Santa Rosa for paintings from Sheryl Weiss, Janet Terrada, Shirley Berman, Jack and Millie Hirsch and Rhonda Garcia on Tuesday. I am looking forward to visiting with good friends. Then we're off to San Francisco for 3 paintings from Bryna Adelson and Ron and Sussane Lissak. Cory and I are trying to get one night in at one of our favorite stops, Asilomar. So far no luck in getting a room for the 28th but we're going to go over to Pacific Grove and try anyway. Our last stop is in Santa Barbara where we get Stephanie and Dennis Baker's painting to bring down to Los Angeles for the show. Cory heads home on the train to be ready for work on Friday.


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