Monday, May 28, 2007

Just a few more pictures to finish up the party and to get on with life. May is almost over and the party ended on April 28th! The party is really over and I am sad. I sent 22 packages out of paintings to get back to their owners. One, Pasadena Man owned by Lauren and Ken Hunt is lost. I am still hoping it will turn up. The show lasted just three weeks and all in all it was wonderful but not long enough. I know it can not happen again in the same way and I have to be happy with what did happen and not be concerned for what didn't happen. It was terrific and I want to thank everyone who lent me their paintings and who were so gracious throughout. We sold quite a lot of work, 2 paintings and several woodcuts. I hope you all enjoy them and come back for more! I have four commisions requested. One, I have started on and I'll let you know when the others come about. I'll post them for you to see.
Thank you again for a wonderful birthday.


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