Sunday, March 04, 2007

Picking up paintings

Before our Road trip was to start we received two paintingas from Susan Fink. One is of Susan, Alanah and Roper and the other is of Loren, the dad, baking bread. Such a great family.


We tried to meet up with Sheila Wolfe in Sacramento after we got our SUV and GPS, but somehow kept missing her. We went to Folsom instead, where we were going to meet Giovanna Stark and pick up the painting that was commisioned fifteen years ago. I haven't seen Giovanna for probably ten years and was looking forward to it. The gallery was amazing! Huge space and filled with all kinds of interesting and beautiful art. Giovanna was her usual charming self and we just spent the afternoon visiting and enjoying the gallery and the coffee shop (part of the gallery). Giovanna made a reservation for us at a Folsom Inn and invited us to dinner at a local restaurant. Jack Hailey walked into the gallery, he and Giovanna are living together now and Jack does some work for the Gallery as do Giovanna's children. Both he and Giovanna are still providing services for the Senate. Jack has a shock of bright white hair today but looks exactly as he did when I met him in 1972 when he had a shock of pitch black hair. I don't know how he accomplished that. We had a great dinner with them and Jack had to get going because he had a presentation thre next morning to a Senate Committee. He is definately still working.

The next day we went back to the gallery and picked up our the painting of three of the Stark children. I remember loving to paint that picture. Still one more to come from the family.


After Folsom we went back to Sacramento to visit with Sheila and once again Cory got the full Realtor house tour. They have such a great house and I could remember with pleasure camping in front of the house in our motor home. We loved that camp site! We picked up the painting of Chris and Sheila that I did when they lived in Silver Lake. That was a long time ago.


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