Monday, April 09, 2007

I fell asleep last night on the computer after I had written a whole story about the opening but when I woke up my story was gone! Let me see if I can remember what I wrote - There were many people who came to the Opening - It was very heartening for me because people were very complimentary. Mostly people talked about my being very prolific and that there was a happy feeling in the work and that I was a good artist. Zahava prepared a lovely array of snacks that were set out in the patio and everyone seemed relaxed and at ease. Cory, Drew, Brad and Anna and Jesse and Midge, Randy and Mason were there and visited with people . They were all terrific family representatives. Our good friends the Deutsch/Wittenberg Clan came very early and it was a pleasure listening to them as they looked through the paintings to find the ones that belonged to them. Our Senior Club members also came in the early hours because the start was set for 5:00pm to give them time to drive while it was still daylight. It was so good to see so many there and they really enjoyed the exhibit. A little later friends and relatives and people I didn't know who read about the Art Opening in the Los Feliz Ledger or one of the internet information guides came. It was very crowded at one point and really fun. Ron Lissak and his family came in from San Francisco to my surprise and as usual it was a delight to get to visit with that family. Those three kids are really something wonderful! Heath Liner and Katherine and the twins came and they set off to find their painting. Lots of nice comments and lots of questions. The woodcut room was a great draw and there were several sold. Michael Lock and Donna came and Michael took some photos of guests. Friends from my woodcut group, the Baren Forum, came but were not there at the same time so I had woodcut friends there all night! Carol Lyon was here from New York visiting her daughter for Pasover, georgia garside came from West Covina and Ellen Shipley came from out Valencia way. It was great having Baren friends whose work I know and own with me on this day. Hali Eliza, my darling actor friend, came with two of her friends and said my work needed to be in a museum. I thanked her and I told everyone who said something so complimentary that they needed to contact the LA Times, Art Critic to tell him he should come see the exhibit.

The evening wore on and it continued to be exciting until about 10:00pm when I realized I had been on my feet since about 4:30pm. I had to sit!

I want to thank everyone who came to the Opening for making it worth my spending all that time and enery to get the paintings together and finding a wonderful gallery to show them in. I was right to have this Retrospective Print and Paint Show and I just wish Jack had lived long enough to join me. He loved my paintings and was a great support all our lives together.


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