Sunday, March 04, 2007

Car Trouble

That night we got as far as Los Gatos and crashed in a motel that our GPS informed us about. It was a plain Jane but clean and had sheets on the bed. All the way from San Francisco Cory complained about hearing a noise at the front wheel on my side. I didn't hear it. Deaf! The next morning Cory called Budget and they said for us to come to the San Jose Airport and exchange cars. We did and got a nicer car to drive. It was much quieter than the one we had before and the flat space for paintings was a little larger. Cory had been calling several times a day to see if there was an opening at Asilomar. On Thursday there finaly was an opening and we headed for Pacific Grove, Monterey and Carmel. Cory felt she could spend another day on the trip so going to the Monterey Peninsular was no problem. On the way we came to a Factory Shop Mall and found a Chico's and Cold Water Creek and bought some wonderful clothes. I got my party outfit. Actually I bought three dis=fferent things but don't know yet which I'll wear. What a treat. We had a delicious time. Wonderful sights, tastes, smells and a comfortable place to rest. We took our time leaving the next day and spent time in Carmel going to the shops. I found a beautiful pair of shoes which I didn't buy because they were $225. Cory urged me to buy them but I just couldn't. I found them on line when I got home but they were only $15 less. Should I get them?


Blogger Annie B said...

Are the shoes to wear for your retrospective? I say buy them!!

9:33 AM  

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