Monday, April 23, 2007

The last time I wrote was on April 12th just before I picked my Cousin Barbara up at the Hollywood/Burbank airport. Of course the plane was late so I sat around for about an hour waiting for Barbara. Maybe that was a good thing because I think it was the last time I sat for about a week! It was great seeing Barbara and I immediately took her on a whirlwind program. First to IKEA to buy tiny cups for Creme Brulee for the party. It was a luxury I really wanted and Gloria and Elizabeth said they'd make it but couldn't find the cups. 200 cups purchased and then on to Smart and Final for Chinese take out boxes and chop sticks for Chinese Chicken Salad for the party. We didn't want people to have to line up to fill plates. Then to the gallery to meet with Jazmin and Midge and her friend, Carolyn to see the show.. Then I left Barbara at the gallery and ran to Staples for party game supplies. Perfect purchase! Small, easy writing pens for $2.50 for 12! And they had beautiful Card weight bright colored paper for the game. I could just picture people walking around each with a different colored card looking at the paintings to answer the questions on the game. What a great sight.
I went back to the gallery and we all went to see Jazmin, gallery owner and Rosemary Lowe, realastate agent cooked up using my and Dan Wooster's paintings for sale and display. We got there just before dark and all the lights in the neighborhood were out because of the ferousious winds that had come up. It was avery pleasant event and we all visited with people at the open house. From there we went to a restaurant I had never been to before called Spain. Nice real Spanish food. I'd go there again. It's on Glendale Blvd in Echo Park and has been there for may years. Home at last! Midge stayed over to help the next day and to go to City Hall. Midge's friend went back to Laguna Niguel and Barbara fell asleep very fast. I can't remember if Zavi joined us or not. Brain just too full! Next Installment will be the City Hall trip. What a trip!


Blogger Letter C said...

Bea, I sure do like your paintings and am eager for the next "installment".

8:40 AM  
Blogger Diane Cutter said...

Beautiful, Bea... very strong work. More please!

7:41 AM  

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