Sunday, March 04, 2007

When we left Shirley we went on to Sheryl's house using our darling little GPS. Our Navagator was a young woman who had good diction and a sense of humor. Her voice when she had to recalculate, because we changed something, was annoyed and reprimanding. She was perfect. The Weiss house is a gem. Sheryl and Melanie were there and Sheryl had let me know she was just finishing remodeling the family house and that my paintings had some influence on decisions. We were taken on a tour and found all the new developments wonderful. Paul and Sheryl's bedroom was a treat, including the story about moving the bed to the alcove because Sherly woke up in the middle of the night realizing that's where the bed belonged. It does belong there. Downstairs again we saw the paintings of the goat and Sheryl painting. The room is designed to settle aroung those paintings. Thank you Sheryl. It made me feel terrific. These two paintings were bartered for engineering work by Elliott Moscovitz when we built our Bianca house. Sheryl and Paul had two more paintings for us. One was a batik that Paul had gotten from Jack and Millie Hirsch and one was a painting I did of Shirley Moscovitz for the girls to use for thier mother's memorial services held in our house. They were added to the load. We spent a long time there, enjoying the stories that we shared about the families and visiting with Melanie, Sheryl and Paul.


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