Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The City Hall event had a movement that was energetic and went from transporting us to City Hall and to the City Council Chambers to watch the Council at work. We saw Jackie Robinson's wife honored and saw the respect paid to that extraordinary man, ball player, who changed our society. It was very heartwarming. We saw a plea from the Animal Service to adopt animals and a puppy there to tug our hearts. Then it was my turn and Councilman LaBonge and Council Presiden Garcitti cam to the Podium and I was brought up. Council President Garcetti read a history of me that was very impressive (I'd like to get it to use as my vitae if I ever need it) then he presented me with a large bouquet of Silver Lake flowers. Councilman LaBounge gave me a large Pumpkin Bread made by an order of nuns. He assured me he was not trying to convert me. I got to make a little speech. I'm not sure of what I said except that I loved Los Angeles.


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