Sunday, March 04, 2007


We were just too tired to go on to San Francisco that night after the difficulty driving in the rain and long day of visiting. We stayed in Walnut Creek. How lucky we were. We were able to reach Rhonda Garcia the next morning and drove to her work in Concord. What a treat! Rhonda is working for children's services in Concord and has a Resource and Referral program and a progrsm for inclusion of children with disabilities. She took me on a tour of their new facility and it was like old times. We also met Magda Gerber's son! Erica and Daisy's brother. Such a great visit that was! The painting we picked up was a commision Rhonda won in a fund raiser for an Early Childhood Organization. I had contributed the work to be used as a donation to the silent auction. The painting was of Rhonda and her two teen age children. That was ten years ago so her kids are now well in their twenties and thirties.


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