Sunday, March 04, 2007

More SanFrancisco

We spent the day driving around - we went past our next stop to see where it was. It was in a beautiful neighborhood not far from Brynas's but over near the Presidio. We used our GPS to hunt for clothing stores and she led us to some wonderful shops. The first one we went into happened to be next to where we parked. It was a designer shop and the first garment I looked at was $3000. A little steep even for an outfit for my party. The young woman was wearing a jacket that was $1500. Cory asked if she could afford such an expensive garment and she asnswered, "I'm lucky, I own the shop". Oh well. We had a very nice time and then headed for the Lissak home, a little early. We needed to get out of the car and settle down. We called and got someone who said they we ready for us. That was the housekeeper who was preparing vegetables for a dinner dish. The parents and children were not home yet. Pretty soom there was a burst of energy and Susanne Lissak and the three children came into the house. Susanne made a bee line for the food preparation and the kids took us on a tour of the house. It is a huge four story and beautiful old house in a very lovely part of San Francisco. The children were adorable, full of energy, talkative, willing to share and interactive with each other. They were a real treat to be with. Ron, Jack's second cousin, came home, the housekeeper left and we settled down to a delicious dinner. We were invited to stay over but were hoping to get part way to Asilomar. It was our plan to spend a night there but it didn't look too likely if we had to be home on Thursday. The painting we picked up was a commision purchased by Ron and Susanne. It is of the parents and their first born child. They are talking about another painting with al three children in it. It would be fun to do. I love those kids.


Blogger rlissak said...

We had a great time catching up with you and Cory. The kids were delighted with the attention you both gave them. Susanne and I really like you and your family and really look forward to seeing you again (in April?)!-Ron

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